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Myspace Tutorial: Using FireFox (yes it's Free!) to view hidden Myspace profiles!
Have you ever noticed that some Myspace profiles have sections blanked out or hidden? Myspace users are able to do this by pasting specific Myspace codes right into their profiles. A new feature in the Firefox web browser renders such codes, useless. Firefox now gives you the ability to turn OFF those codes and lets you see exactly what other people have been hiding in their Myspace profiles.

With Firefox you can see and discover what others are hiding with Myspace codes.

You can see hidden friends and hidden comments
You can see and access hidden contact tables and ADD COMMENT links
You can see a hidden Myspace music player
You can see the now famous LAST LOGIN, the personal URL, and all of the general information (age, city, name, etc...)
  Simply put, you'll be able to see everything that your friends (or enemies ) have hidden with Myspace codes.
Trucos para Myspace: ve perfiles escondidos
Download and install Firefox with Google Toolbar . It's as FREE as the air you're breathing right now!
Once installed, start Firefox and start surfing the web. You'll notice that it's also much faster and stable than Internet Explorer. Either way, you don't have to decide on one or the other since both can be used at the same time.
Go to the MySpace profile with the hidden or private MySpace details that you'd like to uncover.
In Firefox, simply click (at the top of the Firefox bar) on ··VIEW >> PAGE STYLE >> NO STYLE and the hidden profile, the one that they cleverly thought was hidden, will instantly appear.

When you're done viewing the hidden profile you just click ·· VIEW >> PAGE STYLE >> BASIC PAGE STYLE to get back to regular viewing.

Just remember to keep it all a secret! ;)

Clicking VIEW >> PAGE STYLE >> NO STYLE to uncover a hidden profile